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  • Looking for pest control services in Singapore?
  • Worried that the pest management company you hire may overcharge or are unreliable?
  • Want to ensure you eliminate your pest infestation problems once and for all?

Then we have good news for you. Here at Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd., we bring you professional pest management services, at prices you can well afford. Most importantly, we are reliable and strive hard to ensure we meet your expectations. When it comes to ridding your home or commercial premises of all kinds of pest, we are the preferred choice.


At Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd., you can expect to find the most professional and affordable pest control services in Singapore. Whether you need help with termite control, bed bugs eradication or fumigation services, we have the experience and expertise to handle them. Below is the full range of services we provide...


Thumbnail of termites (white ants) on damaged wood

We provide safe and effective termite (white ant) control services. Annual packages available too to give you added peace of mind and prevent re-infestation...

Bed Bugs

Bed bug thumbnail image

Bed bugs are notoriusly difficult to get rid of. We use only the most effective extermination methods to safely rid your home of beg bigs once and for all...


Thumbnail image of pest control worker conducting fumigation exercise to eliminate dengue mosquitoes

Fumigation is effective in eliminating most pest. For pest problems where infestation source cannot be located, our fumigation services is what you need...


Thumbnail close up image of a brown domestic rat.

Rodents can contaminate food in your home and spread deadly viruses. They are smart and extremely difficult to bait and trap but fret not, we can help...


Thumbnail image of dead cockroaches

Cockroaches spawn easily and are know to be very resilient. Our professional help is thus often needed to effectively eradicate all cockroach problems in your home...


Thumbnail image of an Aedes Mosquito.

With dengue an ongoing threat in here, you won't want mosquitoes in your home. That's why many Singaporeans opt for our mosquito control and prevention services...

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Bees, Wasps, Hornets

Close up image of a honey bee.

Never attempt to destroy a bee, wasp or hornet hive on your own. If agitated, these insects may attack. Hence, it is always best to engage our professional help...


Thumbnail image of a housefly

Flies often carry harmful bacteria and can spread dreaded diseases. We can help rid you home of nasty houseflies, sewage flies and all types of flies...


Close up thumbnail shot of a group of carpenter ants on the wall.

DIY ant control solutions are often ineffective in getting rid of ants. To destroy a colony, you must first kill the queen. We are experts at doing just that...

Why Hire A Pest Control Specialist?

There are many types of pest in Singapore. They can range from termites, which are extremely destructive, to rodents,
cockroaches and mosquitoes, notorious for carrying all types of diseases to bed bugs and more. Each type of pest is unique in its feeding and breeding habits. The methods used to exterminate them can vary significantly too, as can the DIY solutions available in the market today. Indeed there are various types of pesticides, repellents, sprays and traps available in DIY stores but sometimes, they can do more harm then good. Why? Because if the wrong method is used or pest not exterminated completely, the infestation can potentially resurface, wreaking more havoc and destruction the second time around.

For these reasons, many people choose to hire pest control professionals whenever faced with nasty pest problems; you should too.

Our Pest Control Methodology

The pest control methods we use are science based and tailored to your specific needs. We use a simple yet effective 3 step approach as outline below:

  • Inspect and Assess

To ensure we understand the root cause and severity of your pest problems, our pest man will inspect your premises and provide a profession assessment. This process usually takes around 30 mins to an hour and will give you the added assurance of knowing that our suggested implementation solutions are always well thought through.

  • Plan and Implement

Based on our findings during the inspection phase, we will plan and implement a solution aimed specifically at tackling the problem areas we find. Our proposed pest control solution will be science based, leveraging on the latest technologies we have at our disposal to rid you of your pest problems and prevent future infestation.

  • Monitor and Evaluate

If the situation requires, we will recommend a package solution, where our man will come on a regular schedule to monitor and evaluate progress. During these inspection visits, he will investigate and eradicate any new problems found to give you that added peace of mind.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

For clients under our termite or rodent control annual package, we will (at our own cost) come back for extra unscheduled visits if ever the pest returns. With us, you can take comfort knowing always that should the termites or rodents return, so will we.

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