Bed Bug Bites

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Bed Bug bites can be very irritating to the skin and unpleasant to the eye. However, these bites are often mistaken for mosquito bites by Singaporeans. Without correctly identifying the bed bug bites, victims of these bites continue to be prey for Bed Bugs while they attempt to eradicate the wrong insects in their household. As such, it is crucial to be able to identify bug bites to successfully eliminate the problem.

Bed Bug Bites vs Mosquito Bites

Like mosquito bites, Bed Bug bites do not wake the victim. Thus it may be difficult to ascertain whether bite marks are caused by Bed Bugs or mosquitoes. To determine whether you have been bitten by a Bed Bug or mosquito, check if the bites are clustered and aligned in a line, or isolated; Bed Bugs usually produce clustered bites that aligned linearly while mosquito bite patterns are more random and further apart.

Another way of finding out whether the bites you recently receive originate from mosquitoes or bed bugs is to observe the period of time when you received the bites. Bed bugs are generally only active at night so if you notice bite marks appearing only after waking up, it is highly likely that these marks are bed bug bites. Conversely, mosquitoes can be active any time in the day or at night, allowing them to feed on human blood at any time. Thus, if you notice freshly-formed bites on your skin in the day, it is more likely that they are from mosquitoes rather than bed bugs.

Treating Bed Bug Bites

In order to effectively treat Bed Bug bites, you will want to get rid of Bed Bug infestation problem first. Your best bet is therefore to hire a reliable pest control company and get them to do the job.

After the Bed Bugs have been eradicated from your home, you may choose to purchase over-the-counter solutions to reduce swelling and inflammation on your skin due to the bites. Anti-itch creams help to relieve the skin from the itching and burning sensations that come from the Bed Bug bites. You may also ice your wounds to reduce your desire to scratch them. If your wounds are infected, you may use an antiseptic solution to clean the wound, applying an antiseptic cream or lotion afterwards. However, if the infection is serious, you will want to visit a doctor for a more thorough examination.

Why Engage Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd.?

Bed Bugs are tough to get rid of and may even scatter to infest another room or even your neighbours house (if you live in an apartment or condominium), if DIY methods are use to eradicate the infestation. As such, engaging a professional Bed Bug control service is the most effective way to eliminate the root of the problem and rid yourself of these pesky insects.

Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd., being a premier pest management company in Singapore is well positioned to help you combat any bed bug problems you may have. Our staff are well-trained in Bed Bug control methods, giving us an edge when it comes to effectively eliminating them. Best of all, our rates are reasonable and our service quality, excellent. At Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd., our customers are always our main priority and we will do our utmost to leave you satisfied with our pest control services.

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