Pest Control Services

Pest control specialist conducting fogging exercise

Here at, we believe in providing the best services for our clients in their pest exterminating needs. Our services range from termites extermination to fumigation, providing our clients with the most effective and efficient pest control assistance. Below are links to the services that we provide.

Why Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd.?

Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd. is a licensed pest control company that specialises in a variety of pest control solutions. Our staff are highly experienced in the behaviour of different pests and are very efficient in exterminating these pests. As a well-established company, our clients have great trust in our services as we protect them from nefarious pests. Our friendly consultants are more than glad to offer you advice on how to keep a pest-free area and what to do in the event of a pest infestation. At Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd., our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority because we care for you and your safety.

Enquire about our Pest Control Services

If you suspect a pest infestation, contact us at (+65) 6303 0635 immediately for an inspection. Our consultants would be glad to assist you in your every need.


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