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Close up image of a group of ants.

In Singapore, ants are commonly found in many public places such as parks, gardens and residential areas. While there is a variety of ants living in Singapore, the most common ants that you find are ‘Garden Ants’. These ants are dark-coloured and small, having a size of about half a centimetre, and are mostly harmless to humans. Other varieties include the ‘Pharoah’s Ants’, which thrive in hot and harsh environments and carry harmful germs from their main diet of decomposing foodstuffs. One of the most notorious species of ants is the ‘Red Fire Ant’, which are reddish brown ants that attacks animals and humans, leaving extremely painful stings.

The Queen Ant

All ants are led by a Queen of twice the size of a regular worker ant. The common ants that you see are usually worker ants in charge of bringing food to the colony. The Queen ant is usually located deep in the labyrinth of the anthill so as to prevent the Queen from coming into harm. As the Queen ant is responsible for reproducing more ants, it is meaningless to attempt to eradicate the ants merely by killing worker ants. In order to fully destroy the colony of ants, the wisest method is to make use of bait that the worker ants would bring to the Queen, mistakenly poisoning their leader. Without the Queen ant, the colony would perish and the ant infestation problem would be easily solved.

Why Hire an Ant Control Service?

While there are many over-the-counter insecticides available in the market today, a number of homeowners have reported that these products only provide temporary relief to their problem and the ants would eventually return after a few days. Most of the time, sealing the entry points of an ant hole will not solve the problem as these ants may find other routes to gain entry into your home or even make new tunnels in replacement for the closed paths. Furthermore, ant poison may not be very effective as these ants may return after the poison runs out. In these cases, hiring an ant control service may be the best bet to get rid of these ants permanently.

Why Engage Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd.?

Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd. is a highly experienced ant control service provider in Singapore. Our staff are well-trained on the different types of ants living in Singapore, providing the most effective solutions to exterminate these ants from your household. We are a licensed pest control company,well-versed in ant behaviour and are  thus able to target the specific characteristics of these ants to ensure that the colony is successfully destroyed. We also offer advice on maintaining an ant-free environment so that you and your family feel secure at home. At Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd., our customers are our greatest priority; through our various pest control services, we aim to satisfy your every pest control need.

Enquire about our Ant Control Services

Want to find out more about our ant control services? Need a tailor-made solution to satisfy your ant control needs? Would liek to set up an appointment with our pest control experts for an inspection? Call us at (+65) 6303 0635 today to learn more about Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd..

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