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There are many types of flies in Singapore. Some common ones include the house fly, as well as the sewer fly and fruit fly (also know as vinegar fly). These flies may appear anywhere, from your familiar hawker centre to your favourite fast food restaurant and even in your home. If you have a fly infestation problem, we at Pest Control Singapore can help. Our staff are trained to provide all kinds of pest control services including flies control and our rates are reasonable.

Flies are known to be among the most common pests found in Singapore and some, like the house fly, have been known to carry nasty bacteria that may lead to serious illnesses. House flies feed through a tube which only allows them to consume liquefied material, which make it difficult for them to consume solid food material. To counteract that, they regurgitate their saliva and digestive juices onto solid food so that the food may be digested and decomposed for easy consumption for the flies. As such, they may regurgitate the remains of their previous meal onto your food or even pass on bacteria that attach themselves to the legs of the flies. Their bodies can carry over a hundred pathogens, including typhoid, salmonellosis and parasitic worms.

Getting Rid of Flies

When getting rid of flies, it is crucial to ensure that the main breeding site of the flies is identified. Depending on the type of flies, these creatures may prefer to lay eggs at different locations. The common house flies in Singapore usually seek places that are moist and dark, such as the trash can, animal excretions, or even rotting carcasses, to lay their eggs. Unlike house flies, fruit flies prefer laying their eggs on over-ripe or damaged fruit, dirty drains and gutters. By ensuring that your environment is clean, flies will no longer have the opportunity to breed thereby drastically reducing the fly population.

Breeding ground aside, it is also important to get rid of their food source. Different flies are attracted to different things; house flies are normally attracted to decaying organic filth such as animal excretions, rotting meat and faeces, while fruit flies prefer sweet and sugary substances such as overripe fruit and spilt beverages. Since flies face a challenge with ingesting solid food, they usually prefer liquefied food sources. However, flies are still capable of attacking uncovered solid food when necessary. To ensure that the fly infestation problem is eradicated, it is crucial to deprive flies from such ready sources of food. It is recommended that you keep your food properly covered or refrigerated if unused and to guard or protect your food from contact with flies.

Why Use a Professional Fly Control Service?

While flies in Singapore may be commonplace, they still pose a huge problem to F&B businesses and homes as a serious infestation is a sign of poor food hygiene, causing people to be susceptible to serious and even fatal diseases. Hiring a professional fly control service would ensure that your business receives regular inspections, improving your health and safety standards and generating more revenue from satisfied customers. Homeowners would also feel more at ease eating at home as well as more confident when inviting guests to their humble abode.

Despite conducting inspections themselves, many homeowners and business owners have reflected that even though they have taken many precautionary measures to get rid of the flies, the fly infestation problem is still unsolved. Normally, this happens because the flies lay their eggs in multiple locations, resulting in great difficulty in completely eradicating them.

Why Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd.?

Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd. is a licensed pest control company that is highly experienced in dealing with fly infestations and other pest control needs. We use the most effective fly control methods available to help rid your premises of this pesky pest. Our staff are well-trained in fly control and are dedicated to provide you with the most satisfactory services. With Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd., you can be sure that your pest control problems are well taken care of.

Enquiries about our Fly Control Services

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